Literature, Democracy and Transitional Justice Colloquium

The colloquium Literature, Democracy and Transitional Justice was coordinated by Professor Mohamed-Salah Omri, Tutorial Fellow for Oriental Studies at St John’s. It took place on 18, 19 and 20 March 2018, bringing together participants from over a dozen countries who addressed specific situations of transitional justice across the globe. The event sought to open dialogue between scholars working on authoritarian systems and democratic transitions in the fields of literary studies, history, philosophy and law. In addition, papers focused on case studies, including Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Columbia, Tunisia, South Africa, Rwanda, Taiwan, Algeria and former Yugoslavia. The colloquium also featured the Syrian writer Zakaria Tamer.

Speakers: Carrol Clarkson, Anissa Daoudi, Salah Degani, Lin Chi-Ming,  Mohsen ElKhouni, Jesus Isquierdo, Annick Louis, Manuel Loff, Brendon Nicholls, Annalen Micus, Daniel Mosquera, Christian Axboe Nielsen, Sonia Zlitni-Fitouri, Agnes Delage, Mohamend-Salah Omri, Philppe Roussin,  and an interview with Zakaria Tamer

Conveners: A. Delage (AIX Marseille), M.S. Omri ( St John's College), and P. Roussin (NCRS Paris)