Study Comparative Literature at Oxford

At Undergraduate Level

The best way in to comparative study or work on translation at undergraduate level at the University of Oxford is to take a joint degree, for example English and Modern Languages Classics and English Classics and Modern Languages Classics and Oriental Studies European and Middle Eastern Languages or Philosophy and Modern Languages.

At Graduate Level

At graduate level, the MSt in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation is linked to the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (OCCT) Research Centre and grows out of our research. You can read more about the course is available here, and information about applying is available here

If you are a student at Oxford, you can access our Core Course reading list on ORLO here.

The MSt in Modern Languages also has a comparative component.

To pursue comparative study at doctoral level at the University of Oxford, you must apply to a single Faculty, but it is easy to arrange joint supervision across Faculties and therefore to work on topics involving comparative criticism and translation. You can read more about the different doctoral programmes via the links below.

Faculty of English: DPhil in English

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages: DPhil in Modern Languages

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: DPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Faculty of Classics: DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature

Faculty of Music: DPhil in Music

The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art: DPhil in Fine Art

Please contact the Graduate Studies Office in the relevant Faculty/ies for more information.