The Weidenfeld Lectures 2018: 2. Voicelessness and Taboos

Story-telling in a Divided World

Defending the Art of Fiction in the Age of Post-Truth

What is the role of literature in our increasingly fractured and fast-changing world? Is it possible to write a-politically or do writers have a responsibility to speak out – and,  if so, how? Can fiction address political issues in a way that ordinary public discourse cannot? Elif Shafak explored these questions in three lectures and an open discussion.

After each lecture there was the opportunity to ask questions, and all were welcome to join in the closing discussion.


Schedule of Lectures

Wednesday, 2 May: Strong Words in a Liquid World
Thursday, 10 May: Voicelessness and Taboos
Thursday, 17 May: Collective Amnesia and Collective Remembrance
Thursday, 24 May: Open Discussion