Translation Workshop with Anne Weber and Tess Lewis

In this interactive workshop, held in partnership with the Queen's College Translation Exchange, participants will be able to draw on Weber’s and Lewis’s expertise to develop practical skills in translating linguistically and culturally hybrid texts. Working in small groups, they will be invited to complete translation exercises on selected passages from Weber’s work. Engaging with the German Annette, ein Heldinnenepos or the French Annette, une épopée—depending on individual language skills—, they will seek creative ways of conveying the text’s unique linguistic and formal aspects in English. Results will be gathered at the end of the session and discussed in relation to the published English-language translation, allowing Weber and Lewis to reflect on the challenges and the creative potential inherent in the process of translation together with the workshop participants.


This event requires registration. Please register for the Translation Workshop with Anne Weber and Tess Lewis, as well as the Podium Discussion and Q&A with Anne Weber and Tess Lewis, by e-mail to Hannah Scheithauer or via GoogleForms, here. This workshop has limited spaces. Numbers for this event are strictly limited to a maximum of 25 participants.